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Women's Affairs is a Farce

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    Press Release Libertarianz Women s Affairs Women s Affairs is a Farce ==================== The silence of the Ministry of Women s Affairs (MWA) over the rape
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2003
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      Press Release
      Women's Affairs

      Women's Affairs is a Farce

      The silence of the Ministry of Women's Affairs (MWA) over the rape of a
      Palmerston North woman this week shows that government's politically correct
      policies have failed. The Ministry is a waste of taxpayers' money and
      should be disestablished immediately, says Caroline Aurora, Libertarianz
      spokesman for the Deregulation of Women's Affairs.

      Aurora is referring to the rape of an intellectually handicapped woman by a
      sex offender recently released from jail and placed in the 24-hour care of a
      security guard, who waited outside with some lame excuse.

      "MWA was designed" continues Aurora "as a vehicle for policy analysis and
      advice to government organisations, and a way of changing New Zealanders'
      negative attitudes to women and children. It has failed on both counts.
      MWA should have been more active in advising government of its
      responsibility to the victims of crime. It failed this woman, whose
      attacker should have been kept in jail - on the advice of Women's Affairs -
      due to his history of sexual offending.

      And this is not the only event of concern. Large numbers of women and
      children are being raped and murdered on a regular basis in this country,
      while bloodsuckers like MWA have spent our money on trendy policy
      initiatives that do worse than nothing. Once again, the New Zealand
      government's politically correct social engineers have failed the very
      people whose interests they claim to be fostering through MWA.
      Accountability is at an all-time low".

      Aurora concludes "this situation can not, and must not, be allowed to

      Caroline Aurora
      Libertarianz Spokesman on the Deregulation of Women's Affairs
      027 429 8310/04 384 1885

      It's enough to make you vote Libertarianz!
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