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Little Excellence for the Beaten Generation

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    PRESS RELEASE Libertarianz Party Education Little Excellence for the Beaten Generation ============================== Steve Maharey wants us to believe he is
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      Libertarianz Party

      Little Excellence for the Beaten Generation

      "Steve Maharey wants us to believe he is part of a government that is 'now
      placing a greater focus on teaching excellence.' Fine words, especially from
      one who has led a 'blameless life' of mediocrity for his entire time on
      earth," responded Peter Osborne, Libertarianz Spokesman to Deregulate

      Following the Associate Education Minister's speech at the Higher Education
      Research and Development Society of Australasia's (HERDSA) development
      scheme launch, Osborne said: "The last thing Little Stevie Maharey is
      interested in is promoting excellence in education - this is lip service,
      plain and simple. No doubt it'll get those in the industry cooing and
      satisfied that they are in for some special treatment, but sadly it will do
      nothing to improve their lot. It will only succeed in achieving greater
      State control over the education sector."

      Mr Osborne continues, "I think we can safely say that after a century of
      State-enforced education, the State has achieved its ultimate goal - A
      BEATEN GENERATION; a generation where the ability to think objectively and
      to think for one's self is well and truly in the minority. This would
      explain why an anti-freedom government is rating high in the polls while its
      population is begging for more and more regulation, blindly thinking that
      what has caused its problems will somehow solve it." Mr Osborne says, "This
      is the very reason why successive governments have kept such a tight grip on
      education. It ensures the maintenance of the State and in recent years it
      has ensured a dependence on the State."

      "Liberarianz understand the importance of the freedom of the individual.
      The first step in allowing people to take control of their own lives is to
      get politicians the hell out of education, out of people's pockets and out
      of people's lives. Only a free educational market will provide individuals
      with the education THEY desire; not the education that the State desires.
      Only then will people's minds be set free to pursue real excellence - not
      the tepid facsimile offered by Little Stevie - and the beaten generation
      will glimpse the life that they could have had," Mr Osborne concludes.

      Libertarianz: More Freedom - Less Government


      For more information contact:
      Peter Osborne
      Phone: 0274 326 005, e-mail: ospar@...

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