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PRESS RELEASE: Nanny's Grip Tightens on Motor Vehicle Industry

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    LIBERTARIANZ PRESS RELEASE FINANCE Nanny s Grip Tightens on Motor Vehicle Industry ================================== Libertarianz Finance spokesman, Stephen
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2003
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      Nanny's Grip Tightens on Motor Vehicle Industry

      Libertarianz Finance spokesman, Stephen Berry, today condemned the passing of the Motor Vehicle Sales Bill. "Businesses cannot sneeze without the Government regulating, taxing and consulting iwi over it" he said, "The Motor Vehicle Sales Act has created even more of a weight on business owners for the sake of Nanny State's 'protection' for consumers."

      The Motor Vehicle Sales Act also provides for the creation of the Motor Vehicle Dealer Disputes Tribunal, which is to be  partly funded by the industry. "Basically the Government has simply made another tribunal for an additional layer of parasites to draw an income from. There is no reason that disputes cannot be sorted out in a normal court of law," Berry said, adding that "forcing businesses to pay for the tribunal via a levy is just another nail in the coffin of our wealth producers. Parliament has basically added another tax and window-dressed it as protection."

      The Finance spokesman went on to outline the Libertarianz party's solution. "Quite simply, the Government should just stay out of it all! Abolish compulsory taxation on car sales, enforce the right of individuals to be free from the initiation of fraud and stop setting up gravy train tribunals. If a dispute occurs over the sale of a motor vehicle, it can be dealt with in a regular court of law. There is no need to milk more money from wealth creators for an expansion of Government." Stephen Berry maintains his opposition to any expansion of Government power. "New Zealand is not the free country it was once and soon the weight of bloated Government will destroy everything that the productive and innovative have worked to create," he said.


      ~Think what you like, just dont make me pay for it~

      Stephen Berry
      Libertarianz Finance Spokesman
      Ph home 093787215
           work 096258135
           mob 0210375720
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