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Press Release: "End Waitangi Apartheid!"

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    Press Release Libertarianz Party MEDIA ADVISORY - Waitangi Action Libertarianz: End Waitangi Apartheid! ============================= Helen Clark may not be
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2003
      Press Release
      Libertarianz Party
      MEDIA ADVISORY - Waitangi Action

      Libertarianz: "End Waitangi Apartheid!"

      Helen Clark may not be there and 'pakeha media' may be banned, but
      Libertarianz activists say they will be there at the Waitangi Treaty grounds
      tomorrow calling for "an end to Waitangi apartheid."

      Tim Wikiriwhi, coordinator of Libertarianz' Waitangi activities, says that
      Waitangi Day is far from being a day of celebration - "it has instead become
      a national day of mourning and outrage. The Treaty, which once united all
      New Zealanders with the promise of equality before the law, has become
      instead a tool of apartheid - dividing New Zealander from New Zealander by
      institutionalised bias. Where the Treaty promised colour-blind law
      protective of liberty and property for all, a century-and-a-half later it
      has instead become an out-of-control gravy train delivering state-sponsored

      "That is what I and my fellow libertarians will be protesting at tomorrow's
      'celebrations'," he says, "we seek to derail the Waitangi gravy train once
      and for all. We libertarians condemn all racist laws, and we shall be the
      only party at the Treaty grounds tomorrow confronting the racism the Treaty
      has delivered."

      He calls all New Zealanders to get behind them in their stand for equal
      rights before the law. "Look out for the Libertarianz banner 'End Waitangi
      Apartheid' and come stand with us for justice," he says.

      Tim Wikiriwhi
      07-849 8323, or c/- 021-162 5025

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