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PRESS RELEASE: Twits Still Rule, Not Okay

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    PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Education Twits Still Rule, Not Okay ==================== Our education sector certainly does need a lot greater
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 15, 2003

      Twits Still Rule, Not Okay

      "Our education sector certainly does need a lot greater competition if any
      improvements are going to be made, but to achieve any substantial changes
      and improvements New Zealand must adopt a much more freedom-orientated
      attitude towards education," said Peter Osborne, Libertarianz Associate
      Spokesman for Education Deregulation today, responding to comments made by
      Joy Quigley, Executive Director of Independent Schools of New Zealand.

      Ms Quigley was drawing attention to the Swedish education model whereby
      state run schools are showing improvements due to government policy which
      'allows' greater competition from the private sector. Studies are showing a
      marked public increase in demand for private schools since law changes were
      made. She also commented that perhaps our government should investigate how
      the Swedish system operates.

      Osborne responds forcefully to Quigley's comments: "The Swedish system is
      crap." He says that the private sector still receives subsidies from the
      government (via the taxpayer): "This gives the government the power to
      dictate the terms to private schools - he who dispenses the gold still makes
      the rules. This is not much different to our woeful system." New Zealand
      does not need to follow the Swedish system in order to improve education, he
      says, it needs to get government out of education all together.

      "TOTAL freedom in education is the only answer. Unless New Zealanders
      accept this undeniable truth education standards will deteriorate further."
      Mr Osborne says, "Literacy and numeracy levels are at an all time low and
      are worsening. Teacher shortages are worse than ever. Teacher morale is
      worse than ever ever. The standard of newly qualified teachers is a joke,
      with race meaning more than aptitude. Our qualification standards are in
      total disarray. To make things worse, successive governments have wasted
      billions of taxpayer's dollars on a system that is a complete disaster."

      An angry Osborne continues, "No one is immune from this injustice. Every
      taxpayer must pay for it, whether they like it or not and whether they use
      it or not. Every teacher and school, including those in the private sector,
      must follow a curriculum laid down by law. Every parent must, by law, send
      their child to a school. Even home-schoolers must meet government criteria.
      The only qualifications allowed are those laid down by the state. Where the
      Government holds back on the use of force it blackmails by way of
      withholding tax-paid funding should a school depart from the 'one chosen way

      Osborne concludes, "This appalling state of affairs must be stopped.
      Parents must be left to decide for their child's education. Schools must be
      free to operate in the private sector without the handicap of government
      regulation. Curriculum and qualifications must be left to the professionals
      who will in turn be directly answerable to the consumers. These changes
      must be made now before yet another generation of twits are sent out into
      the big wide world."

      Libertarianz: More Freedom -
      Less Government


      For more information contact:
      Peter Osborne
      Phone: 0274 326 005, e-mail: ospar@...
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