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PRESS RELEASE: We Like Ike (This Time)

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    PRESS RELEASE LIBERTARIANZ Free Speech We Like Ike (This Time) ================== The Libertarianz support Ike Finau s erecting of signs on his own property,
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 16, 2002
      Free Speech

      We Like Ike (This Time)

      "The Libertarianz support Ike Finau's erecting of signs on his own
      property," says Libertarianz spokesman Stephen Berry today. "The Auckland
      City Council's prohibition of signs on Ike's private property - because
      those signs are critical of the Auckland City Council - is typical of the
      fascism we see growing from Government bodies in this country."

      "Ike's right to free speech is, in this case, underpinned by the fact he is
      exercising this right on his own property. Private property rights are a
      cornerstone of liberty in a free society," says Berry. "These rights cannot
      be compromised by the morals of a few councillors."

      Penny Bright has called on all political parties to respect the unrestricted
      right to freedom of speech on private property. "The Libertarianz will
      support her and the Water Pressure Group on this issue," confirms Berry,
      "But only this issue." Berry explains his caveat by pointing out that Ms.
      Bright values the concept of private property in this case when defending
      Ike's freedom of expression, but dismisses the concept when she demands
      'collective ownership' of water. Further, he observes, Bright and co
      "violated the concept when her Water Pressure Group launched a noisy attack
      on a dying Phil Raffils on his own property."

      Stephen confirms in conclusion that he "looks forward to Penny Bright
      reflecting on this inconsistency, and seeing her change to the ranks of the
      pro-privatisation brigade."


      Stephen Berry
      Libertarianz Spokesman
      Ph (09) 3787215
      (021) 0375720
      email stephenberrynz@...
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