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467Carvell Should Be Applauded

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    Jul 2, 2007
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      Carvell Should Be Applauded

      "Gunshop owner Ray Carvell of SAI Guns in Penrose, Auckland should be
      applauded for his actions in dealing with the second knife wielding
      intruder to enter his shop in a year," says Libertarianz Firearms
      Spokesman, Peter Linton.

      "Standing up to a violent criminal, Mr. Carvell was forced to draw a
      baton, similar to those issued to the Police, as he & fellow
      shop-worker, Bruce Motley, faced down the intruder in their shop."

      "Carvell & Motley both showed a cool character as they stood their
      guard against the intruder, exercising their legal right to
      self-defense under the Crimes Act (1961) while a member of the public
      called the Police," said Linton. "The intruder is due to appear in
      the Auckland District Court on Tuesday 3rd July, 2003, but it remains
      to be seen if the police will make fools of themselves again by
      bringing another malicious prosecution against the Carvells for
      exercising their lawful right to self-defense."

      "It is good to see that the police responded quickly to this emergency
      call by arriving on the scene in approximately 10 minutes," Linton
      notes, "But this rapid response time is most unusual for the police."

      "Greg Carvell, Ray's son was previously charged by police after he
      shot a machete wielding intruder in their shop last year. These
      charges were fortunately thrown out of court by 2 JP's, but it is
      unfortunate that the Police chose to charge him in the first place."

      "Libertarianz believes that every New Zealand citizen has the right to
      self-defence and would ensure that no person who defended themselves
      against violent criminals would face criminal charges," Linton

      "It's enough to make you vote Libertarianz!"


      For further information please contact:

      Peter Linton
      Libertarianz Firearms Deregulation Spokesman
      Phone: (09) 480 1531
      Email: peter.linton@...

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