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463Maharey Finally Admits NCEA Mistakes

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  • Luke Howison
    May 29, 2007


      Maharey Finally Admits NCEA Mistakes

      "I congratulate Steve Maharey on recognising his mistakes and learning
      from them," said Libertarianz Education Spokesman Phil Howison in
      response to improvements to the NCEA which were announced yesterday.

      Welcome improvements include recognising achievement at Merit and
      Excellence levels on certificates, reporting "Not Achieved" grades for
      internal assessment, and increased moderation. Howison describes the
      changes as "minor" but "a step in the right direction - improving
      transparency, maintaining standards and recognising achievement."

      However, Mr. Howison pointed out that the ongoing NCEA controversy is
      a prime example of why choice is needed in education. "Parents should
      be free to choose qualifications for their children, rather suffering
      the unilateral imposition of a flawed system. The 'improved' system
      remains little more than enforced mediocrity, but if different
      qualifications were able to compete, transparency, standards and
      achievement would all improve."

      Libertarianz would return schools to parents and get rid of the
      one-size-fits-all state system to allow free choice of schools and
      qualification systems. "The separation of school and state will
      result in freedom of choice, meaning that parents and students could
      take responsibility for education and choose the right kind of
      education to best serve their needs," explained Howison.

      "Take back your child's education - get the government out of schools now!"


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