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456Libertarianz: Mind Your Own Business, Jacqui Dean

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    Apr 16, 2007


      Libertarianz: Mind Your Own Business, Jacqui Dean

      Dr. Richard Goode, the usually placid Libertarianz Spokesman on Drugs, was today moved to extreme irritation after reading of National MP for Otago Jacqui Dean's plans to launch a private member's bill to ban the manufacture, sale and possession of BZP and reclassify the drug as class C, putting it in line with cannabis.

      "Party pills are for adults. I'm exasperated by Jacqui Dean banging on about the threat that party pills allegedly pose to the nation's youth.  Jacqui says things like, 'We are conditioning our children to take pills to have a good time.' This is arrant nonsense designed to mimic the effects of genuine threats and scare the wits out of potential National voters. BZP is already R18 under existing regulations.  Yet Jacqui wants BZP made illegal - does she think illegal drug dealers will ask their customers for proof of age?"

      "Apparently she has the support of National's leader, John Key. This from the leader and an MP of a party whose core values include individual freedom and choice, personal responsibility and limited government. The hypocrisy of the National Party is more mind-boggling than any legal party pill."

      "Adults own their own bodies. What adults put into their own bodies is their own business - and no-one else's. For young adults, continuing abstinence is a legitimate option, but so is responsible drug use. Compared to other legal drugs, such as alcohol, tobacco and datura, BZP is a relatively sensible choice."

      "I fail to see how what I, or anyone else, does in their leisure time, is any of Jacqui Dean's business. So please, Jacqui, mind your own."

      Last month Libertarianz, in collaboration with ACT on Campus, collected 1000 signatures on a petition calling on the New Zealand House of Representatives not to ban or further restrict the sale of benzylpiperazine (BZP) and BZP-based party pills. "We could have collected thousands more," adds Goode. "But unlike Jacqui Dean and other taxpayer-funded busybodies of her ilk, none of us is paid a full-time salary to interfere in other people's lives." Libertarianz will present their petition to Parliament soon.


      For more information contact:

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      Libertarianz Drugs Spokesman
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