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Ellipses and Screen Resolutions

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  • Gordon Sweet
    Ref: Message: 6 Date: Sun, 09 Jun 2002 20:07:15 -0000 From: tenochtitlanuk Subject: Re: New Newsletter & Include File A
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 2002
      Ref: Message: 6
         Date: Sun, 09 Jun 2002 20:07:15 -0000
         From: "tenochtitlanuk" <john.fisher@...>
      Subject: Re: New Newsletter & Include File
      A very clever patterns program though the geometry is way beyond my understanding. May I suggest you try increasing the number of ellipses by reducing the step, using a full screen, and re-centering as below, also perhaps using fill black to eliminate the glaring white background.
          for j=0 to 20 step 0.1
              dummy =ellipse( 400, 280, j *20, j *10, 8*rnd(1), j/10)
          next j
      Ref: Message: 14
         Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2002 17:31:01 -0000
         From: "mrcatilina" <mrcatilina@...>
      Subject: Screen Resolution
      I too experience failure to display a full screen while using an old 486 laptop with Win 95, and also when I must own up, to using another old 486 PC under Win 3.1 because I am sentimental in wanting to run some old software that no longer runs on the later PCs, or Windows. Incidentally LB ver 2.02 works perfect on Win 3.1 though a weird error shows sometimes at failing to some BAS file. Of course it will not run Alyce's programs for MP3 files, and cannot display the later HLP files. But there could be other problems because the PC is an old HP Vectra 486/33N with the CMOS setup in German, which we cannot really understand!     Gordon 

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