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RE: [libertybasic] Re: Mod Name vvm31w.dll

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  • David Salter
    The CNC program is most likey going to be run by a CNC controller, the Windows system is only being used to generate the code, so the RTOS issue is not
    Message 1 of 6 , Apr 5, 2013
      The CNC program is most likey going to be run by a CNC controller, the Windows system is only being used to generate the code, so the RTOS issue is not relevent.

      David Salter - ReaLive Studios

      To: libertybasic@yahoogroups.com
      From: k6dgw@...
      Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2013 19:43:09 -0700
      Subject: Re: [libertybasic] Re: Mod Name vvm31w.dll

      On 4/2/2013 8:50 AM, charleyneumeister@... wrote:

      > > I've been working on a CNC program to move a wood router via step and

      > direction commands through the computers parallel port. I test sections

      > of the prorgam as I write them and small sections seem to work but,

      > after adding a proceedure to generate arcs I get a windows error that

      > says there was an error with the mod named in this subject line. I could

      > include the pages of code in this program but I'm hoping someone can

      > tell me enough about this dll to give me a hint as to where to look. I'm

      > writing and testing Liberty 4.03 on an XP, the intended target computer

      > is a Win98. Any help is appreciated. Charley


      I've never written a CNC program, but I've seen them and written a lot

      of other time-critical programs. For what it's worth, I really don't

      think Windows is the right platform, even before you get to LB.

      Possibly due to its parentage, Windows believes it can ignore you, the

      human [i.e. your program's requests] whenever it thinks it has something

      more important for to do. There seems to be a nearly uncountable

      infinity** of these "important" things Windows things it really needs to

      do. I doubt you can achieve the timing precision I know CNC

      applications require.

      I hate to rain on anyone's parade without offering an alternative parade ...

      You might look into the Hamstack products**** [www.hamstack.com]. They

      are Microchip PIC based products that stack together in a really cool

      way and with a wide variety of capabilities. The ones I've used employ

      18F46K22 PICs, and you can program them in Microchip C or Swordfish

      Basic ... I'd guess C would be your best choice, it was for me.

      My latest project is a 40-station irrigation controller to replace 6

      timers in the basement that are rapidly developing e-dementia. My

      architecture is an LB-program with two windows that lets my wife [the

      Kamikaze Gardener] create irrigation programs to be run, and to actuate

      valves immediately, in a computer/screen environment she is familiar

      with. It downloads to the PIC via a serial port which then runs the

      programs forever until changed.

      My application is happy with 1 minute resolution [:-)], but the concept

      might work for you ... LB UI to make things easy to set up, dedicated

      PIC to do the actual control. There are other products that could

      exploit this architecture as well, but bottom line ... I don't think you

      can do CNC with Windows driving the CNC boat. The Microchip PIC

      executes everything within less than 0.1ms as scheduled, nearly always

      much closer. Mine are 18F46K22's running at 64 MHz, and appear to do

      everything instantly, and they're never distracted.

      If your application is personal and/or non-commercial, I'd be glad to

      share my code with you. I'll also correspond with you off-list if you want.

      Best Regards

      Fred Auburn CA


      ** Figure of speech. I realize "nearly infinity" is meaningless in

      mathematics, regardless of which infinity you're talking about :-)

      **** Full Disclosure: I am good friends with the principals at Hamstack

      but have no financial interest in the organization ... other than the

      checks I've written to them. I chose Hamstack because I knew I could

      get direct help if I needed it. I did, been a looong time away from C. :-))

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