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Liberty BASIC vvm31w.dll error for CNC program

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  • David Speck
    Charley, I applaud your effort to write a CNC control program in LB, and I really hate to rain on your parade. I built my first CNC machine around 1998, and
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2013

      I applaud your effort to write a CNC control program in LB, and I
      really hate to rain on your parade. I built my first CNC machine around
      1998, and drive it with the Artisan software and driver card package
      from AH-HA CNC (now out of business).

      Let me start by saying that I'm not sure what is causing the vvm31w.dll
      error. Googling the .DLL name seems to show it in relation to Liberty
      Basic, so I'd guess must be one of the components of LB.

      Unfortunately, LB (and the Windows environment) are not good places to
      try to execute a real time control program like a CNC driver, where
      precision timing of events is necessary to maintain straight lines and
      accurate curves. There is no way to know when the Windows operating
      system will decide that _/RIGHT NOW/_ is the best time to start a disk
      defrag, re-index the hard drive, begin automatically updating, or any of
      the hundreds of things that Windows does without your knowing about it.

      Even if disable most of the automatic stuff Windows tries to do (not an
      easy task to accomplish), the Windows system is considered to be highly
      non-deterministic, a computer systems way of saying that you can never
      be really sure exactly when Windows will really decide to do what you
      want it to do.

      If you wish to pursue this option, check out the advice at
      Blackviper.com. The site owner delights is stripping out all the
      unnecessary parts of Windows to get the absolute maximum systems
      performance for extreme gaming. However these operating systems mods
      will result in a system suitable for little else beyond your stated
      program, which might not be entirely bad if your controller is dedicated
      to controller use.

      There are CNC programs like Mach3, or whatever level it's up to now,
      that will drive a CNC system under Windows, but they use special
      programming tricks like a kernel mode driver that runs beneath the
      visible part of Windows. This allows Mach to maintain more precise
      timing that LB is capable of. AH-HA Artisan ran under DOS, and took over
      the entire system while in operation.

      I'm pretty sure that at one time, there was a freeversion of Mach
      available. There is also a very comprehensive free open source program
      called EMC (upon which Mach was based) which is an ongoing project on
      Sourceforge.com. Last I checked, even the full version of Mach3 was
      about $100, complete. There are very active support forums for the
      program under Yahoo groups. Depending on your goals, reinventing the
      wheel may not be the best use of your heartbeats.

      If you are just doing a fun demo program, then you can go ahead with
      your exercise in programming LB. However, if you want to have a program
      suitable to use on a powerful and potentially dangerous machine with
      valuable feedstock, then I would not spend a lot more time on building
      something under LB.

      Just my $0.02


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