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Re: [Bulk] [libertybasic] Data entry into Arrays inside a window

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  • Stefan Pendl
    ... There have been some spreadsheet lookalikes posted in the past, so you may want to search the group online for spreadsheet . Some links:
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 1, 2013
      Am 01.04.2013 01:13, schrieb reldata:
      > I want to enter timecard data into separate arrays and saved together as a timecard file. The timecard file is broken down into individual records with fields Name, Date, Pay Type and Hours. I have used textboxs lined up 4 across and up to 10 down. Data entry is easy as I enter information and tab to the next field and repeat. I can also use my mouse to change something I have already entered to make a correction.
      > However problems occur due to timecards having more than 10 records. I can simply add more rows of textbox(s) to include longer timecards. But the program gets very long when I want later display all timecards sorted by any field of my choosing and still have the ability to add or make changes even to timecards I entered days ago.
      > The final resting place for all this is of course inside long arrays. Is there any ability to directly put arrays of any length into a window with sliding bars for very large arrays into a window and have the ability to treat each field as a textbox, having the full ability to add or make changes?
      > This is like a checkbook display in Quickbooks or Peachtree where all the fields are displayed for each check record and the user can add new checks or make changes to any field of older checks the are seen on the checkbook display.
      > Thank you for your consideration.

      There have been some spreadsheet lookalikes posted in the past, so you
      may want to search the group online for "spreadsheet".

      Some links:



      There was a DLL available too, but the site has vanished, so there is no
      access to this simple approach anymore.

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