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  • Stefan Pendl
    ... uninstall. But sometimes one or two files still remain. I wonder how they do that. ... same time, I do not want to leave behind stubborn files after user
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 25, 2013
      > Am 25.01.2013 14:37, schrieb green8819:> Thank you, Stefan.
      > >
      > > I try some non-LB programs. The ones I don't wan to keep, I
      uninstall. But sometimes one or two files still remain. I wonder how
      they do that.
      > >
      > > I want to show that there are no hidden files in my program. At the
      same time, I do not want to leave behind stubborn files after user has
      > >
      Am 25.01.2013 15:29, schrieb epankoke@...:
      > Many installation packages are set by default to not remove files that have been updated since the program was installed. Also, if a file is marked as shared it might not be removed on uninstallation. Finally, I believe some install packages will simply let you mark a file as "do not remove" on uninstall. All depends on what you use to package up your installation.
      > Eric

      As Eric says, some installers prevent removing of files not added by the
      installer. This is left over from the days where the bad habit was
      allowed to alter files in the installation folder by the user.

      In general users don't need to alter files in or add files to the
      installation folder, this is all a task for the installer only.

      The developer must take care of all files being removed from the
      installation folder, they may ask to remove files from the users
      application data folder if they like.

      Developers are often too lazy to clean up entirely when the user decides
      to remove the application from his system.

      If you ever used an install maker to create an installer and verified
      that it removes the application without a trace, then you know how to do
      it properly.

      For instance, Inno Setup has the ability to remove only files installed
      by the installer enabled by default, so one needs to add an additional
      line of code to clear the system from the whole installation folder
      despite of changes and additional files.

      On the other hand NSIS doesn't support removing only installed files out
      of the box, so you simply remove the whole folder and everything is gone.

      Sure both ways have their pros and cons, but if the installer is written
      to allow only installing into an empty folder or into a previous
      installation, then there is nothing wrong with removing the whole
      installation folder without further checks.

      The only problem remaining is the user, who must be guided to avoid
      stupid behavior.

      Stefan Pendl

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