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Re: Keyboard recognition

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  • rod_bird001
    ================================ #m, enable : #m.bd, enable #m.bd, setfocus; when characterInput [getkey] [startloop] start the repeating timer then
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 31, 2008
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      #m, "enable": #m.bd, "enable"
      #m.bd, "setfocus; when characterInput [getkey]"

      'start the repeating timer then wait for it to happen
      Timer 1000, [decscore]

      ' the timer fired do what we have to do then wait again
      SC = SC - 1
      gosub [showscore]
      gosub [checkmusic]

      'the keyboard event fired handle it
      'remember to Timer 0 if we need to stop the [decscore] loop
      k$ = Inkey$
      If asc(right$(k$,1)) = 32 and play = 0 then
      Play = 1
      Gosub [click]
      #m.bd, "color red; backcolor red"
      gosub [drawbox]
      Goto [continueon] ' you could just wait if the loop is to continue
      End if

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