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Re: Generating Standalone Programmes

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  • afton370
    ... who ... with the first ... problems any ... newer ones and ... the whole ... the whole ... running Win2k ... I ll bet it wouldn t work for me! So you re
    Message 1 of 48 , Oct 4 8:45 AM
      --- In libertybasic@yahoogroups.com, "pendl2megabit"
      <pendl2megabit@y...> wrote:
      > Jock,
      > > Do a Google for 'Direct CD'. It used to belong to Adaptec, but
      > > knows who it belongs to nowadays.
      > It was Adaptec, but it is Roxio now.
      > > It worked after a fashion, but tended to be unreliable: a CD that
      > > was readable one day had no data on it the next time it was put
      > > in the drive.
      > I am using DirectCD for some years now, I had the same problems
      with the first
      > version I used.
      > I am now using release and it is very stable, I had no
      problems any
      > more.
      > Release 7.x is available now.
      > You may have problems with very old CD drives, but not with the
      newer ones and
      > not with writers.
      > > The downside was that you couldn't actually delete
      > > or overwrite anything in real terms: it just rewrote everything
      > > further up the disc and if you kept deleting and changing things,
      > > you eventually ran out of space on the disc.
      > I am using DirectCD for my daily backups to a CD-RW and I delete
      the whole
      > contents before a FULL backup to avoid this effect.
      > I am doing INCREMENTAL backups without deleting the contents.
      > DirectCD creates multisession CDs, that is why you should delete
      the whole
      > contents from time to time.
      > I am using filesystem compression too for my backup CD-RWs (I am
      running Win2k
      > SP4).
      > I am creating rewriteable CD-Rs too, without problems.

      I'll bet it wouldn't work for me!

      So you're saying you are using Direct CD with CD-RWs and
      "rewriteable" CD-Rs as well? The latter system is reliable?

      I imagine I would have to pay for a copy of that :o( I'm not
      a Scot for nothing; it hurts me to pay money for anything,
      particularly for something that isn't likely to work.

    • Prospero
      Greetings! At the risk of going even further off topic, Stefan s comments were of interest to me as I have a laptop that has for some months refused to
      Message 48 of 48 , Oct 6 12:52 PM

        At the risk of going even further off topic, Stefan's comments were of interest
        to me as I have a laptop that has for some months refused to recognise any DVDs
        or write anything to CDs. It plays music CDs and reads data CDs, including
        homeomade ones, perfectly happily. I tried the suggestion below which appears to
        make no difference. Any other ideas?

        All the best,


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        > GC,
        > you may disable all the AutoPlay options of the CD-writer.
        > Under WinXP they are found in the properties sheet of the drive.
        > This is a general advice for any burning software, if it doesn't function
        > properly.
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