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7359Re: [libertybasic] how do u print an array's contents

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  • Chergarj@cs.com
    Aug 1, 2002
      In a message dated 08/01/2002 3:26:54 AM Pacific Daylight Time, rhynodfox@... writes:
      and i can't
      work out how to print the contents of the array

      Basically, if you want to print each element ONE time, you will want to know how many elements you have first.

      Dim ra$(100)  ' maybe you need fewer elements than 100
      ' more code to build or fill the array, usually to fill it.

      ' lets say you have m elements filled into your ra$()
      prompt "how many elements do you want to see?"; m

      for i = 1 to m
      print ra$(i)
      next i


      The exact context helps in deciding how all this is to be done.   Which book are you using to learn from?

      G C
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