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  • lazman2001
    Jun 4, 2002
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      Hi Dean,

      Thanks for the offer to help out. I might just need it! I haven't
      even played with serial stuff yet. So It's going to be all new to me.
      I feel shure that it's going to be easier than ploting an ellipse on
      any thing than other than the X and Y plane! (BTW: [A CRY FOR HELP!]
      If anyone knows how to plot an ellipse with the major axis on any
      angle PLEASE LET ME KNOW!)

      I seem to have missed the first line when deleting the message from
      Brad Moore. I sent the message about LB being a "toy language". Just
      to clear up any confusion. ;)

      --- In libertybasic@y..., "Dean Jolly" <tron@n...> wrote:
      > Hi Brad,
      > Its nice to hear that im not the only one who thinks LB is more
      than a "toy
      > language".
      > And I have finally finished an other serial com project. I had to
      build for
      > the lab a synthesis unit that converts radio active CO2 into HCN (
      the HCN
      > is used as abuilding block for many things ). All the
      communication between
      > the PC and the unit is serial.
      > That way valves, ovens, etc are easely controled.
      > If you get stuck i'd be happy to help,
      > Dean Jolly
      > Cyclotron facility
      > MNI
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