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6013Re: New Newsletter & Include File

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  • lazman2001
    Jun 3, 2002
      --- In libertybasic@y..., "Moore, Brad" <brad.moore@w...> wrote:

      Great News Letter! There's some verry good stuff in it! I'm really
      glad to see the serial stuff. I'm going to need it in the next few
      weeks for a project that i'm working on at work. I setup and run
      lasers that burn parts out of sheets of metal. One of the lasers
      doesn't have a disk drive. The only way to communicate with it is
      through serial communication. These lasers are Million dollar lasers,
      and i'm writing a program that outputs code to control it. So anyone
      that thinks LB is a "Toy" language hasn't taken the time to learn
      what LB can do.

      Also, I'm supprized to see my Include File program in the News
      Letter!! I was thinking that no one was intrested in it. I haven't
      recieved ANY feedback on it until now.

      I'm still not shure how big of a file it can handle. Or if there are
      any files that it can't handle. (I did try a 20Meg bmp and it locked
      up). I work 12 hours shifts on Fri,Sat, and Sun. So I haven't had
      time to work on it the past few days. But, I'm working on adding and
      index to the output file. So that you can load it up in the program
      and view the files that have been added. Also, you will be able to
      add and remove files, and preview the bmp's and wav's. After I get
      that done I plan on using Alyce's great graphics dll (Thanks Alyce!)
      to make the bmp preview a little better, and use nview.dll so other
      graphic files can be previewed.

      Well that's the plan for now anyhow. My new baby girl arrived 4
      months ago and I haven't had the time I use to have to work on
      learning LB and writing programs, so bare with me. If anyone would
      like to work on Include File please feel free! If you do improve on
      it I would like to have a copy! :)

      A note to Carl G.,
      Maybe in a future release of LB. It would be possible to use a method
      simular to the one that i'm using in Include File or another method
      to include files and unpack them using native LB. Or maybe, a command
      to load a bmp from a string. That way once a bmp is unpacked into a
      string it can be loaded from the string, instead of written to the HD
      then loaded. (This would save some time on the loading of unpacked

      Well I think that this message is long enough :)
      Thanks to everyone that had a part in making the news letter!

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