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5989Re: New Newsletter Published

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  • metallurgist1
    Jun 1, 2002
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      Brad, Alyce, Tom and all:

      Really a fine newsletter. My comments:

      > SyntaxError: Some words from the editor

      Thanks, Brad, for editing June's issue.

      > Tipcorner: Dumping a file directly into a texteditor

      I never knew this! Really useful. Might have to update my Bible
      program to take advantage of this.

      > Spotlight: Three items that caught my fancy recently...

      Congratulations again to the contest winners and to Eldron. Well
      done! And thank you, Laz, for the bitmap packer.

      > Article: Serial Communication with LB - by Dean Jolly

      Dean, if I ever need to do serial comm, I know to whom to come.

      > Review: David Drake reviews Image321.DLL

      If you haven't tried the image editor, you should.

      > Advanced: Implementing an editor with Scintilla.dll

      This is a remarkable piece of work. I'd like to learn more about it,
      and how to implement in conjuction with native LB text-handling code.
      Too cool, Mitchell!

      - David
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