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492Trouble with Windows 2000

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  • carlg@libertybasic.com
    Jul 1, 2001
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      I received email today from a registered user of Liberty BASIC using Windows 2000. He pulled an all night programming session only to find his code was gone the next morning. I know I hate it when that sort of thing happens to me. Here's how it happened:

      He wrote some code. He saved it several times using a filename more than 8 characters long. The Windows file dialog didn't complain, and neither did Liberty BASIC. The code was not written to disk. He didn't know it was lost until he tried to reload it.

      I know in Windows 95/98 the file dialog will not let you enter a filename which does not conform to the standard 8.3 conventions. I won't be able to confirm this on NT until tomorrow.

      Can someone else here running Windows 2000 (or even ME) try saving a file in LB using a longer than 8 character filename to see if it breaks as described above? I would be grateful. :-)

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