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47403Just BASIC limitations

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  • Bob J.
    Mar 18, 2014
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      I have just begun using Just BASIC and have a couple of questions for which I have been unable to find definitive answers.

      1. Although I have been unable to locate a precise statement to verify this, I get the impression that arrays are limited to only two dimensions within Just BASIC. Is this true? If YES, does Liberty BASIC support arrays with more than two dimensions?

      2. I have created a program with Just BASIC, created a *.tkn file and renamed the run-time engine .exe file to match the name of the .tkn file. All of these files are in the same sub-folder on my Windows 7 machine. If I launch the .exe file by clicking on it within the folder wherein it resides, it runs perfectly. However, when I use the DOS command SCHTASKS within a .bat file to schedule execution of the .exe file, I get an error message stating that the .tkn file cannot be found. I tried placing a copy of the .tkn file within a folder that is in the search path and still get the same error message. Where should the .tkn file be located in this situation? Does Liberty BASIC enable the creation of a stand-alone .exe file?

      Thanks in advance for all constructive suggestions!

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