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  • sarmednafi
    Mar 14, 2014
      Dear Sirs,

      I use the following code to change PC input language by LB code.
      Is there a way to know (by LB code) on what language my PC was stand on?
      If I know, I will change my input language with confidence.

      Sarmed Nafi

      '---- code start

      ' Change input Language Example


          WindowWidth = 528 : WindowHeight = 347

          UpperLeftX = INT((DisplayWidth-WindowWidth)/2)

          UpperLeftY = INT((DisplayHeight-WindowHeight)/2)


      button      #main.button1, "change", [button1Click], UL, 155, 110, 175, 30

      stylebits #main.textbox1, _ES_RIGHT, 0, 0, 0

      textbox     #main.textbox1, 155, 30, 180, 30


      Open "Window Title" for Window as #main

          #main "trapclose [quit]"

          #main "font Arial 14"

          #main.textbox1 "!setfocus"






          close #main : END


          Call KeyboardClick _VK_MENU , 0 'Press ALT

          Call KeyboardClick _VK_SHIFT , 0 'Press SHIFT

          Call KeyboardClick _VK_MENU , 2 'UP ALT

          Call KeyboardClick _VK_SHIFT , 2 'UP SHIFT

          #main.textbox1 "!setfocus"


      Sub KeyboardClick n, pos

          ' Need a little time in between keypresses

          CallDLL #kernel32, "Sleep", 50 as uLong, result as Void

          ' pos 0 = Down, 2 = Up

          CallDLL #user32, "keybd_event", n as Long, null as Long, pos as Long, result as Void

          End Sub

      '--- code end



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