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47393Re: [LIBERTYBASIC] Binary File Question

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  • Fred Jensen
    Mar 9, 2014
      On 3/9/2014 4:34 AM, Stefan Pendl wrote:

      > INPUT is reading until the next comma or end-of-line (CrLf) ignoring
      > both in the input string.
      > It is not suitable for reading binary files byte-wise.
      > INPUT$() on the other hand doesn't strip off any characters and you can
      > specify to read just one byte.

      Thanks Stefan,

      It is working fine now. This is only the third LB app I've tried [and
      the second one was very simple], so it's a learning experience.
      > The code below should work as expected.

      It does
      Best Regards

      Fred K6DGW
      Auburn CA USA
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