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47385Re: [LIBERTYBASIC] Text Editor control

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  • Stefan Pendl
    Mar 5, 2014
      Am 05.03.2014 03:42, schrieb Fred Jensen:
      > On 3/4/2014 5:44 PM, Gary Passmore wrote:
      >> Not certain what you mean by "text editor control." I have noticed that
      >> LB will strip leading spaces when reading from a file with
      >> "input#handle, data$" The work-a-round for that would seem to be "line
      >> input#handle,data$."
      > It's the TEXTEDITOR control, it builds a place where you can load,
      > create, edit, and save text, much like Notepad in Windows.
      > I finally looked at my file in Hexview and it's leading horizontal tabs
      > [0x09] that are getting stripped. I've found a work around I can use
      > until or if there's some STYLEBITS thing someone tells me about. First
      > time I've used this control.

      The text editor is a custom widget, so there are no style bits you can
      apply to it.

      Everything is handled by LB itself and Windows can't do anything about it.

      The LB editor is an enhanced version of the text editor widget, which
      doesn't allow tabs either.

      Your best bet is to replace any tab in the string to display in the text
      editor by four spaces.

      This can be done by a custom string replace function, where there should
      be some available in the resources listed in my signature.

      Stefan Pendl

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