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47296USB Serial Port

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  • Don Baker
    Dec 18, 2013
      I'm attempting to use LB V4.04 to communicate via a serial port using W7/64 with latest updates. The serial port is an FTDI USB virtual com port and I'm not getting any output from LB. The port opens with no errors but no characters get sent or received. The external device is my design and works when I use Hyper terminal or LabView. The device looks for an upper case D then responds with a 32 bit hex number (8 ascii characters). Has anyone any LB experience using a virtual usb com port? Test program below, (it never gets out of the while loop because no characters are returned).


      Com = 1000
      open "com6:9600,n,8,1" for random as #p1

      print #p1, "D";

      while nb < 7

      nb = lof(#p1)
      print nb


      depth$ = input$(#p1,nb)

      print depth$

      goto [main.loop]
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