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  • Sarmed
    Dec 15, 2013
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      Hi All,
      smd Code Book again,

      Many days before,
      A new problem happened with smdCodeBook67. I was added a new topic then saved it and exit, next start I got (system primitives Error) or something like that. The program refused to start.
      The data file was broken that was annoying me very much, the first thing came to my mind was, I must asking Mike for help, to develop some way to check data file then close the program. But misfortune brings Mike on board angry.
      To recover my data,
      I normally changed the name of last backup file, it worked perfect. And recovered.

      Searching for the reason, leads me to my mouse which release some times unnoticeable double click instead of one.
      Carl was said in his help file, don't use (Next For) loop for some delay, LB could works on multi axes!
      Therefor the double click push the program to do double tasks in the same time which destroyed the data file. (My theory!)
      I add what it prevents close operation from activates twice times, also while the program doing save and backup operations there is no way to close the program until the operations end.

      Another old problem,
      As I use the program installed on removable 32GB USB3 NTFS Flash drive, (which is work very fast like built in drive) sometimes in hurry I remove the flash and try to close the opened program on PC, the program refused to close and the PC hang up. In this release I add some development ([Quit]) to discover this problem and recover from it with confirm message.

      Anyone who interested he may find smdCodeBook68 in files page.

      Sarmed Nafi'