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  • rod_bird001
    Dec 11, 2013

      I think "cycle" should have a different meaning. I read that the tab key will cycle "down" the list of created controls. It will not roll round. You can click back up the list and tab down but the end is supposed to be caught by some action. Say the last control is a default button or the last control is an enter button.

      Graphicboxes should be ignored as they are typically for display in GUI terms, Liberty gives them more power.

      So this allows you to tab down the control list and click to activate the graphicbox.

          WindowWidth = 571 : WindowHeight = 446
          UpperLeftX = INT((DisplayWidth-WindowWidth)/2)
          UpperLeftY = INT((DisplayHeight-WindowHeight)/2)

          textbox #main.textbox1, 185, 50, 205, 25
          combobox #main.combo1,Combo1$(), combo1Click, 185, 100, 205, 300
          button #main.button1, "Button 1", button1Click, UL, 185, 165, 205, 30
          graphicbox #main.graphicbox1, 185, 250, 205 , 40
          textbox #main.textbox2, 185, 300, 205, 25

          Open "Window Title" for Window as #main
          #main "trapclose [quit]"
          #main.textbox1 "!setfocus"
          #main.graphicbox1 "when leftButtonDown [activate]"


          #main.graphicbox1 "down ; fill yellow"

          close #main : END

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