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47143LB Files command bug?

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  • Bob Rantzow
    Nov 5, 2013
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      I'm writing a program in which the Date of Last Mod of files is important to me, including the hour/minute/seconds. I want to compare these date/times as exactly as I can.

      I use the FILES command of LB to build the info$() array, per the documentation.  I compare the values returned in the info$() array with the 'Properties' window I get from right-clicking on the files using Windows Explorer.

      What I'm seeing is that the info$(x,2) string agrees on Date, Min, Sec, but if the Hour is PM, the info$(x,2) value consistently has an hour value that is one less than Explorer / Properties displays.

      See the attached screen shot showing the Explorer window and the Properties window for FileB.txt.

      Is this a known problem? 

      Bob Rantzow
      858 755-3906 (Home)
      858 822-9625 (Cell)

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