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47137Funny refresh problem

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  • glitz486
    Nov 3 6:45 AM
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      I have a little problem with a program that runs on machines with multiple monitors. The program doesn't need multiple monitors, and my work-around is to instruct users to switch the application to the other monitor if there are difficulties. This still generates a lot of calls tho. (And looks unprofessional..) Some users go so far as to request the physical connections of the monitors be switched!

      My application is part of a large machine installation, and the LB program provides part of the MMI

      The problem is: The display won't refresh if scrolled on the secondary monitor. It WILL refresh if resized, or moved. I've found this to also happen with the LibertyBasic (V4.04) IDE as well.

      In My station, the IDE, when viewing a program listing on the secondary monitor, scrolling results in blank screen. The contents of the screen scroll, but blankness replaces any new lines that should scroll in. Resizing the window makes the new lines appear.

      This is repeatable with all demo programs that use a graphic window or text editor.

      The systems in use are of various dates and manufacture, and run XP professional or 7 Home or Pro.

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