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47135Re: [libertybasic] RE: graphics don't draw

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  • Marc Rossi
    Oct 28 8:18 PM
      Oh, Ok Thanks Rod.  I was doing that.  I appreciate your help in getting back to me.
      Much Thanks,

      On Monday, October 28, 2013 12:24 PM, "rodbird@..." <rodbird@...> wrote:
      If the graphics you want to blit are in the "total" bmp resource you should be selecting that rather than the black "bmp" that you got. The names Liberty gives bmps are handles and you need to select the correct on into your graphics resource.

      ---In libertybasic@yahoogroups.com, <libertybasic@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Good Morning Liberty BASIC group,
      I have some code I would like to show because no matter what I do, the graphics don't draw.  I have made sure my source from where I get the graphics and the dimensions are ok.
      Any help at this time would be appreciated.
      ' code start
      ' open the dll file used for TransparentBlt
      open "msimg32.dll" for dll as #m
       print #runner, "down ; fill black"
              print #runner, "getbmp bmp 0 0 500 700"
              loadbmp "total","total.bmp"
              'sDC is our screen buffer, (DC handle to the graphicsbox)
              'mDC is a copy of the screen in memory
              ' select our bmp graphic resource into the memory dc
              call TransparentBlt  sDC,shpx,shpy,80,80,mDC,340,0,150,300,0
       'destination x pos ,destination y pos ,destination width desired ,destination height 'desired
                                                 ' x location to start from source, y location to start
      ' from source,width desired from source, height desired from source
      ' PS Rod did the dc for me

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