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47132graphics don't draw

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  • mrossi8888
    Oct 27, 2013
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      Good Morning Liberty BASIC group,

      I have some code I would like to show because no matter what I do, the graphics don't draw.  I have made sure my source from where I get the graphics and the dimensions are ok.

      Any help at this time would be appreciated.

      ' code start

      ' open the dll file used for TransparentBlt
      open "msimg32.dll" for dll as #m
       print #runner, "down ; fill black"

              print #runner, "getbmp bmp 0 0 500 700"
              loadbmp "total","total.bmp"
              'sDC is our screen buffer, (DC handle to the graphicsbox)

              'mDC is a copy of the screen in memory

              ' select our bmp graphic resource into the memory dc
              call TransparentBlt  sDC,shpx,shpy,80,80,mDC,340,0,150,300,0

       'destination x pos ,destination y pos ,destination width desired ,destination height 'desired
                                                 ' x location to start from source, y location to start

      ' from source,width desired from source, height desired from source
      ' PS Rod did the dc for me

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