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42372RE: [libertybasic] Serial Port Read

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  • Stefan Pendl
    Jan 2, 2011
      > I think this has gone far enough, especially as it seems to
      > be going nowhere.
      > In message# 42349, Carl Gundel wrote:
      > >> while lof(#k3radio) = 0 and tick < timeoutvar
      > In message #42356, Stefan Pendl wrote:
      > > When using binary operators, you need to group the left
      > and right hand side by parenthesis.
      > > while (lof(#k3radio) = 0) and (tick < timeoutvar)
      > > This is described in the help file.
      > Does no one else see the irony? LOL. Cheers, G.P.

      Some questions:

      Can I contact Carl and get an instant response to a trivial question?
      Isn't it easier to consult the help file, which is at my hands?

      Has anyone found a table about relational operator precedence in the help file?
      Isn't it saver to code in a predictable way?

      Do I really have to create a test case to find out the relational operator precedence?
      Isn't it easier to have this included in the help file as it is for mathematical operators?

      Stefan Pendl

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