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  • Stefan Pendl
    Jan 2, 2011
      >  Mike,
      > The problem is that I did not make myself clear enough for
      > everyone to
      > understand. The two code lines perform identically, but one
      > of them is not in
      > accordance with the help file instruction. Where, then is the
      > fault? I maintain
      > that the help file should be amended. Certain others hold
      > that code should be in
      > strict accordance with the help file, no matter what works. I
      > concede that they
      > have a point, but unless it matters in practice, I maintain
      > that that argument
      > is moot.
      > ...from the world according to GaRPMorE

      I think the problem is, that we do not have any clue in which order the conditional operators are evaluated.
      This leads to the conclusion, that it is best to use parenthesis to make sure one gets the expected results.

      There is only information in the help file about the order of mathematical operators, but none for conditional operators.


      The whole debate is about missing information in the help file.
      If a keyword is described as to be used in one way in the help file, than any other way should raise a syntax error.

      Relying on undocumented behavior is not really reliable and allowing anything is not the way either.

      There is no room for having any doubt about how a programming language reacts on code.
      It is no good to be able to make an O into a X.

      If one has a rule set he can always follow, he will faster achieve his goal.

      Stefan Pendl

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