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42360RE: [libertybasic] But the Help File Says,...""

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  • Stefan Pendl
    Jan 1, 2011
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      > Gary,
      > Please provide some code to reproduce this bug. I just
      > tried, but in my testing the following two lines really do
      > seem to be equivalent.
      > if x<3 and y>4 then print "yes"
      > if (x<3) and (y>4) then print "yes"
      > LB v4.04 went through a very long test phase as you know. It
      > would be hard to believe that there are many new bugs
      > introduced in that version.
      > -Carl

      From the LB4.03 help file under "Contents => Language Syntax and Usage => Logic and Structure => Boolean Evaluations"

      Multiple Conditions
      When evaluating multiple conditions, each condition must be placed inside parentheses, as in the examples below.

      And I remember this sentence from back in LB3 too.


      Stop complaining, but read the help file and test the pre-releases.

      If you don't test the pre-releases, you don't seem to be interested to make the product you use better.

      Carl does only have a limited amount of time and limited test cases, so he can never test every way LB is used.


      It is always the same, just a week after a new release is published, people start complaining, but those people never reported those
      problems during the beta testing phase.

      Stefan Pendl

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