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  • Stefan Pendl
    Sep 1, 2010
      > Interesting to see how lprint can be used. The code below
      > works fine. But it works the same on my usb laser printer
      > without the DUMP command. I cannot get the printer to sit
      > for more than a few seconds before it prints all the lprints
      > it has received as in the program below. So how big is a
      > printer buffer normally? and/or is there a timer in windows
      > that flushes the buffer anyway? I cannot see anything in
      > printer preferences that controls this.

      LB has been developed with Win9x/ME compatibility, so there has surly something changed during the past few years.

      The printing functionality has not been touched for a long time from looking at the release notes, I think.

      From the help file topic about LPRINT:

      Liberty BASIC will eventually send your print job, but DUMP forces the job to finish.

      So it seems that due to your configuration (computer + printer + driver) LB sends the job before the DUMP.

      You may try to first output the page to a temporary file and then send the contents of the file as one whole string to the printer
      using LPRINT + DUMP.

      Stefan Pendl

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