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  • RipSaw
    Apr 5, 2010
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      BINGO!!!!!!!! Now its starting to cone together.   Thank you for not yelling at me or calling me stupid.  I once took a job where math classes was required.   It was a complete study class of my two year degree all over.  The peron that ran the generators was hired and had NO math at all behind him.  The math classes were required.   He did the correspondence classes (home study) or look for another job.

      I sat with him for months trying to teach hi school algebra,  trig,  log tables.   I used the squares in the floor  12 in wide, 12 in square the diagonal will always be sqrt 2 * side.  I thought of ways to take a blank stare and turn it into a smile.   It took months.  He got it! I felt good - I really did.  Never once did I call him stupid.   Thank u for putting up w me.

      Lets see - its 6:32 am here, so over there - its abt lunch time - A nice glass of port or sherry to u.   (and a very large roast beef sandwich)
      I wud offer u a glass of beer, but I herd that American beer is like drinking water.   Uk Beer is heavier.   God bless u.

      I am playing w ur examples and having fun.    I did change little things,  like the step in the "For" loop.    I have a hard copy here on desk.  Old homes and computers dont go toether,  no room on desk and computers.   -  Kurt

      From: John Fisher <mr.john.f@...>
      To: libertybasic@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Mon, April 5, 2010 4:18:36 AM
      Subject: Re: [libertybasic] Re: plot using EXCEL

      Can I use "EasterEgg" instead of w.g?
      No. But if you created a window called 'Easter' you could have in it a
      graphicbox called 'Easter.Egg'
      The dot indicates Easter.Egg is a 'child' or part of 'Easter'

      graphicbox #w.g, 2, 2, 800, 700
      OK 2, 2 is the border AROUND THE inner box - I dont like borders so I
      make it
      graphicbox #w.g, 0, 0, 800, 700
      800 is the vertical height 700 wide correct?
      No. The first two numbers are how far sideways & down from the top left
      to place the 800 by 700 box.
      However, in effect it was leaving a border of 2 on top and left. On
      right and bottom you have what's left after putting the 800x700 box
      wherever you chose.
      800 is horizontal, 700 vertical.
      It is ALWAYS across then down

      Where do I close BOTH windows? window for lovely plot and window for data?
      As the person running the computer, YOU do, at present, by clicking the
      windows closed.
      That's the 'wait' command.
      You could tell the computer to itself close YOUR window (after a delay)
      But you'll always have to close mainwindows yourself.
      Most of us only use it when debugging, and rem it out afterwards.

      ALL GRAPHICS PIXELS are from upper top left! BUT WE MUST "trick" LB to
      an offset from bottom - TRUE/ FALSE?
      Yes. If you want to think the normal Cartesian way from bottom left
      across and up you ADD offset to reach bottom, then subtract y to move UP.

      This line below, is how we plot the pixels - we "SET" AM I CORRECT?
      #w.g, "set "; xScreen; " "; yScreen
      Yes. Generally it will amount to eg 'set 500 200'.
      If xScreen is 20 and yScreen 50, you have to put them together in a
      string and YOU have to remember to add the spaces.
      Beginners often miss the space after 'set ' or the space between the two

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