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37349Re: [libertybasic] memory location

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  • David Speck
    Jan 2, 2009
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      Many motherboards have a set of DLLs that allow you to read the system
      values like temps and CPU voltages. The newest motherboards frequently
      come with a background utility that lets you monitor parameters in real
      time and sound an alarm if limits are exceeded. IIRC, there is a
      current standard interface to these sensors, called something like ACPI,
      if memory serves me correctly.

      If your MB has such a function, then it is possible that the MB maker
      may have a developers kit that would include said DLLs. If you can get
      ahold of them, then it is indeed possible to interface LB to these DLs.

      Good Luck!


      gary wrote:
      > hello all, i was wondering, is there a way to read a memory location
      > like the old peek() command..i'm still very new to LB so i mite seem a
      > silly qustion..all i was wanting to do was read in this location in
      > memory were my mother keeps it's value for the system temperature.
      > meany thanks
      > gary purkiss
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