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36853Re: [libertybasic] Re: ifthenelseifthenelseifthenelseendifendifendit

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  • Gary Passmore
    Oct 1, 2008
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      Marc, I admire your facility with IF...THEN...ELSE
      I have always found it unwieldy, and eschew it to avoid the syntax errors that usually resulted.
      With your example, I see how it works, and am grateful, but think I'll continue to avoid it if possible.
      CF. : 
      grd=65+(g<90)+(g<80)+3*(g<70):print "Grade for score of ";g;" is ";chr$(grd)
      One line... ain't that fine?
      (I go back to Commodore BASIC, when bytes were worth their weight in uranium, and can't seem to escape the habit.)
      ...from the world according to GaRPMorE

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