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35968RE: [libertybasic] I just bought Beginning Programming FOR Dummies 3RD EDITION

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  • W. D. Allen
    Apr 1, 2008
      Check http://www.libertybasic.com/ for answers to both your questions.

      Long time Liberty Basic user,




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      Subject: Re: [libertybasic] I just bought Beginning Programming FOR Dummies

      I have programmed in many languages: 1982- 1992 and lost contact with
      programming after that until now. Liberty basic gives me some hope of having
      the flexibility to make programs that were as useful as those i created in
      GWBASIC, QBASIC, TURBO PASCAL 6 AND 7, and previous languages. I am
      currently trying to relate my experience in basic to liberty basic. It is
      hard because liberty basic is more demanding in its program structure. I
      wish I could
      have the same flexibility as on qbasic and turbo pascal. I dont recomend
      linux based machines because of compatibility issues. A friend of mine has
      it on her computer and has nothing but problems with hardware, internet, and
      I almost got a linux based computer for its speed on the internet. It needs
      to be improved more.

      rngetter <rngetter@yahoo. <mailto:rngetter%40yahoo.com> com> wrote:
      I bought it without the CD, but in the book it told me that I could
      gladly download libertybasic for free by visiting www.libertybasic.com
      .. I decided to buy the book as I do not use windows and would love to
      learn some linux programming, but I have painfully discovered that the
      only download offered is a windows based .exe. My distro of Xubuntu
      came with python. Is this going to be compatible? Has anyone made
      liberty basic for linux?? I figured being as its shareware (no clue if
      its open source) then someone must have made it for linux.

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