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3537Re: [libertybasic] Help with dll call

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  • Doyle Whisenant
    Mar 1, 2002
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      neilrichardcorcoran wrote:
      > I'm trying to put together a program that uses the registry. I've
      > tried to convert the VB syntax into LB but I keep getting a 'Dynamic
      > Link Library Call Error'. Any suggestions on what I did wrong.
      > Open "Advapi32" for dll as #Advapi32
      > CallDll #Advapi32, "RegOpenKeyEx",_

      Try using: RegOpenKeyExA

      > hKey as Long,_
      > lpSubKey$ as ptr,_
      > uloptions as long,_
      > samDesired as long,_
      > phkResult As long,_
      > result as long

      Doyle Whisenant
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