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34112Re: [libertybasic] I also got no reply to my emails

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  • Frank Bonner
    Jun 3, 2007
      A while back they were talking about Liberty Basic reaching 5.0! Can't see
      this happening unless it's a scam!
      Liberty Basic will not pass 4.5 just as Quick Basic did not! It's all
      politics and power on what the company wants to make!

      Frank Bonner
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      From: Zachary Antilley
      Date: 5/31/2007 7:05:17 PM
      To: libertybasic@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [libertybasic] I also got no reply to my emails

      I'm pretty sure that 4.02 does run on Vista, search this group for Vista to
      find what you need to do.

      Also, I think 4.03 is a free upgrade.


      On 5/31/07, joejackson999_grrr <joejackson999@...> wrote:
      > I purchased the Gold value edition (v4.02) and have written twice to
      > the support email asking if I am entitled to any sort of free upgrade
      > now that I have a VISTA PC (and 4.02 doe not run under vista) and
      > have not received a reply.
      > Does the HELP facility work with Vista? If not - how do you look up
      > command syntax quickly?
      > Now for a technical question.
      > In the absence of any reply from LB - I have been experimenting with
      > another product (macro-programming tool) which does some of what I
      > want to achieve - but seems to have a problem when it comes to
      > obtaining network stats (upload/download kB/s and total bytes
      > uploaded/downloaded - either for local connection or VPN).
      > So - I need to know if LB can access the system variables that hold
      > this data - either directly or via some dll - example code would be
      > good.
      > thx Joe

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