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33073Re: [libertybasic] transcribing GWBasic "Chain" etc commands

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  • David Speck
    Feb 1, 2007
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      LB doesn't have a precise CHAIN command, but it does allow up to 70
      megabytes of program code and data space -- far larger than old GW BASIC
      could ever command.

      It's very likely that you could rewrite your program with minimal effort
      to use the old modules as subroutines off a main calling program, and
      just use a CALL or GOSUB statement to invoke the different subprograms.


      alan procter wrote:
      > | am transcribing a GW basic program whose function is stock control
      > and Data recording and subsequent reports. The suite of programs
      > consist of a number of programs, totalling 1.8 MB.
      > Several of the programs were of large size individually
      > employing "Chain" commands to load subsections to the within
      > particular programs.
      > I note the file menu in LB does have an "Insert File" option. But I
      > can find no detailed description as the function of this option in
      > LB. Does it replicate the Chain commands in GW?
      > Alan Procter
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