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33070AW: [libertybasic] transcribing GWBasic "Chain" etc commands

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  • Stefan Pendl
    Feb 1, 2007
      > Several of the programs were of large size individually
      > employing "Chain" commands to load subsections to the within
      > particular programs.
      > I note the file menu in LB does have an "Insert File" option.
      > But I can find no detailed description as the function of
      > this option in LB. Does it replicate the Chain commands in GW?
      > Alan Procter

      The menu option "File => Include" is to include source code at the current
      cursor position contained in another file.
      It is more like the #include preprocessor directive in C, but the contents
      of the selected file will be pasted into the current file.

      There is currently no equivalent for CHAIN in LB.

      Stefan Pendl

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