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32499Re: crazy problem

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  • muttwalton
    Dec 1, 2006
      Thanks to all who tried to help. Can all of you say "Dumb Ass" at
      one time?

      I'm so embarrased!

      Dim Master$(1434)

      master$(114) error subscript out of range....

      anybody now see what the problem is...? When I saw this I felt like
      an idiot. I asked for help and didn't even have the problem right.

      Master$ and master$ are not the same...Sorry guys...But thanks again
      for the responses!! I finally figured it out.


      --- In libertybasic@yahoogroups.com, "Gordon" <gordonsweet2000@...>
      > I seem to remember on occasion I managed to use say DIM x$(1000)
      for a
      > large array but as you found I was not able to use all the 1000
      > elements of the array due to not having sufficient RAM installed.
      > So run a simple test such as
      > Dim master$(1434)
      > For test = 1 to 1434
      > master$(test) = "Just testing space "
      > print test;" OK"
      > next
      > print " All OK"
      > Gordon S.
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