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32260Re: Text box font size problem

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  • Richard Russell
    Nov 1, 2006
      --- In libertybasic@yahoogroups.com, Chergarj@... wrote:
      > Your description sounds familiar. Find the DPI settings - can't
      > remember how to find its path

      The DPI (dots-per-inch) value is set under Display Properties...
      Settings... Advanced . You can get there by right-clicking on the
      desktop or via Control Panel.

      However don't be tempted to change the DPI value to 'fix' the text
      size problem. The optimum value is determined by the screen size
      and resolution (see table below) and if you change it all programs
      will be affected, potentially making text harder to read and
      breaking other applications.

      The best way to tackle this issue is to find the current DPI setting
      using the GetDeviceCaps API call, and adjust the font size to suit:

      open "Example" for window as #main
      hwnd = hwnd(#main)
      calldll #user32, "GetDC", hwnd As long, hdc As long
      calldll #gdi32, "GetDeviceCaps", hdc As long, 88 As long, dpi As long
      PRINT dpi

      (There's probably an easier way to do this - I'm not an LB expert).


      Table relating DPI value to screen size and resolution:

      800 x 600: 10.4" diagonal at 96dpi, 8.3" diagonal at 120dpi
      1024 x 768: 13.3" diagonal at 96dpi, 10.7" diagonal at 120dpi
      1152 x 864: 15.0" diagonal at 96dpi, 12.0" diagonal at 120dpi
      1400 x 1050: 18.2" diagonal at 96dpi, 14.6" diagonal at 120dpi
      1600 x 1200: 20.8" diagonal at 96dpi, 16.7" diagonal at 120dpi
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