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29426Re: BAS anything special?

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  • carlgundel
    Jan 1, 2006
      --- In libertybasic@yahoogroups.com, Chergarj@c... wrote:
      > Is a BAS file special in any way different from a text file? Can
      a BAS file
      > created in any Liberty BASIC v2.xx be run in Liberty BASIC v4.0x,
      as long as
      > the original BAS file was properly coded according to the best of
      > practices? So far, I have had no problem when I would
      occassionally run a BAS
      > file in current LB version when the BAS file was from a previous
      LB version.
      > (I understand, the TKN files and RUN*.EXE make a difference).
      > If a BAS file may be the same as a simple text file, could we use
      WordPad or
      > NotePad the create a program and then LOAD the DOC or TXT file
      into the
      > Liberty BASIC editor and run this as if it were a BAS file? I
      believe I tried that
      > in the past, and it worked. Was it supposed to? Also, the LB
      editor showed
      > color coding when the TXT file was loaded.

      A BAS file is just an ASCII text file. Use whatever text editor you
      prefer to edit these files.

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