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29424Re: [libertybasic] BAS anything special?

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  • Chergarj@cs.com
    Jan 1, 2006
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      In a message dated 01/01/2006 12:20:22 AM Pacific Standard Time,
      andysemailis@... writes:
      > <im pretty sure that a .bas file is the same as a txt file, if you change
      > the extension on a bas to txt it opens fine, and visversa. but as far as a doc
      > file goes, i dont think that it'll work that well, there probly is special
      > 'makers' or what not for special features that arnt in just plain txt files. as
      > long as you save your files in what ever word processer your useing as a
      > plain txt file you should be fine. and i do belive that lb is set up where it
      > colors everything after it is loaded into the program. i dont know this for
      > sure, cause i never owned any version below 4.0 but if 4 is just as simple as a
      > text file, one would think that going to a previous version things wouldnt
      > get any more complex. the only thing you might have to look out for is any code
      > change in the different versions, like the debugger might not let you run a
      > program that would normally run fine if there wasnt a 'end if' statment or
      > something like that.
      > i think i answerd your question right,
      > &y

      Probably yes. One thing worth trying is to create a simple program using
      WordPad and save it; and then try to open it in Liberty BASIC and see what

      G C

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