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2898Re: [libertybasic] CPUs, and LOCATE

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  • Chergarj@cs.com
    Jan 1, 2002
      In a message dated 01/01/2002 7:19:35 AM Pacific Standard Time, gordon@... writes:

      'LOCATE for large data in Text Window
         open "Locate using temporary file" for text_fs as #1
         open "temp.$$$" for output as #2
         print #2, "What ever you want"
         open "temp.$$$" for input as #3
         print #1, "!contents #2";
         close #2 : close #3 : kill "temp.$$$"
         print #1, "!origin 1 1" ; : rem returns scroolbar to top
         close #1  : end

      Is that something new?  <<   "!contents #2"  >>,    
      The general form of taking the contents of a textbox control is "!contents VarNme".
      Can one really get the contents of a opened file as you have coded?  Also, are you using the dollars signs as variable characters?   $$$ is probably the extension .txt?

      Maybe the code works; I have not tried it.  

      G C
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