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27712RE: [libertybasic] USB Support

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  • Brian Schmalz
    Sep 1, 2005
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      Cool. Join the fun. I'm doing almost exactly what you're doing.
      I'm using a Microchip 18F4550 USB microcontroller and developing
      firmware for it to be controlled by Liberty Basic. Is it possible?
      TOTALLY! You just have to know the easy way. <wink>

      What I'm doing, and what I recommend to you is to code to the
      CDC spec. If you don't know what that is, you need to do a lot of
      reading. Read the USB spec, or better yet Jan Axleson's USB book. If you
      write your firmware to appear as a CDC device, Windows, Mac and Linux
      will all be able to talk to your device as though it were an extra COM
      port. I've already done this with LB and it works great! You open up the
      new com port and using the standard LB serial command you can send
      anything and receive anything from your device. It's very slick.

      If you need higher data rates, then you need to do something
      custom, and that's beyond VB or LB's capability.


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      I am developing a USB peripheral device. Eventually, I will need to
      have this device communicate on a Windows XP platform. The first
      question I have is, will I be able to use Liberty Basic to create an
      application on Windows XP to provide the communication between my USB
      device and Windows XP? Will I need to use (or can I use) the Windows XP
      API with Liberty basic to do this? How much Windows XP API knowledge
      would I need to obtain to do this? I am writing the firmware in the
      external USB device so I have complete control of what needs to be done
      for USB support in the device. I don't have any application level DLL's
      on the PC host to support the USB so I am wondering to what extent
      Liberty Basic could be used to provide this interface.

      I suppose I could look at Visual Basic to do this but that would seem
      like over kill if Liberty Basic could do the job.

      Is it worth considering Liberty Basic for this? And if so, where is the
      best place to find some helpful examples or tutorials for this.
      Any pointers in the right direction on how to do this would be


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